With the largest selection of options in the industry, the Air-Cooled Chiller may be designed and manufactured to your exact requirements and specifications. The office building that operates 16 hours per day at 85% load of the plan for 300 days per year. Per Tables 2 and 3, the air-cooled chiller plant would cost roughly $122,400 per year to operate compared to the $69,360 per year for the water-cooled plant. However, if the system has a 16°F delta T, the gpm would be 300 and equates to 1.5 gpm per ton. The higher the delta T in the system, the lower the gpm requirements are to achieve the same heat exchange in the system.

Like the oil in your car, refrigerant needs to be kept at a certain level for a chiller to work properly. Each system is unique and has a manufacturer-required amount for optimal function. If the level of refrigerant drops below a certain amount, it can damage the condenser tube.

The chiller contains two 15 hp Copeland compressors, a process pump, and recirculation pump. This is the newest Aquasnap series from Carrier, with improvements making them more efficient, quieter, and green too. Unit is 230 volt, and has the DIGITAL SCROLL compressor option which allows for smart and efficient control of the compressor for varying load conditions – down to 10% of load . Unit was run and tested prior to shipping, and offered with money back guarantee of functionality. Arrived at KIG in November 2015 was this perfect condition 2010 Carrier 30 ton RAP Series Air Cooled Chiller. It has a brazed plate exchanger, and dual Copeland Compressors.

Raising the chilled water supply temperature setpoint will allow the chiller to not work as hard. However, water-cooled chillers are starting to make an appearance in small buildings as well. Recent advancements have made it practical to install and maintain water-cooled chillers in buildings that usually would not have one. The refrigerant then passes through an expansion valve, where it rapidly cools and goes through the evaporator, where it cools the chilled water. When a chiller is producing chilled water, the heat that is removed from the chilled water must be rejected somewhere – usually outside of the building. The chiller system is the facilitator of heat transfer between the inside of a building and outside of a building.

After the gas leaves the condenser, the refrigerant changes into a high-pressure liquid. The high-pressure liquid travels to the evaporator through the expansion valve. During this process, the refrigerant changes from a high-pressure liquid to a low-pressure liquid.

The chiller

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Our chillers are specially engineered with components designed for mission critical cooling applications and 24/7/365 service duty. In general, neither air-cooled or water-cooled chillers are better, but you’ll want to have the type that’s best for your situation. If you’re still unsure of which type to rent or buy, you should contact the vendor for more information.

It’s important to inspect chilled water loops and piping once a year or more. Think about the equipment you commonly use throughout your facility. Since you use that hardware frequently, you likely perform regular maintenance to keep it operational. Although you may not see it every day like your other equipment, it’s frequently used to keep your building comfortable. Sunbelt Rentals offers Cooling – Chiller Rentals for a variety of projects. Learn more about our products at SunbeltRentals.com and get a quote today.

Air passes through a coil of chilled liquid and the heat is transferred from the air to the chilled water. The chilled water is cycled through so that chilled water is always present as air comes through. If you are having heating and air installation in Loganville GA, this type of environmental temperature maintenance is the most common in offices, homes, and retail outlets. Industrial chillers are intended for numerical-controlled lathes, die-casting machines, lasers, foodstuff and medical apparatus, and plating process.

The European designed units are wonderfully engineered, and can run in low ambient conditions as well as high ambient conditions. They are also suitable for Glycol fluid chilling in the 28°F range, but equally as fine for your industrial cooling application too. Units are 460 volt 3 phase power, and were run and tested thoroughly in our shop prior to shipping. These 5 ton Koolant Koolers chillers went through refurbishment here at KIG. They feature a robust tube type rectangular exchanger which is cleanable. Fabricated and installed a new stainless reservoir tank, and an appropriate centrifugal water pump .The units were piped in a “closed loop” configuration.