Concrete casting construction technology development status

During the development of concrete casting construction tasks, the selection of raw materials and construction process control become the key parts of the management, and also get the high attention of the site managers.

The technology is developing in the direction of safety and efficiency, focusing on cost saving, by optimizing the pouring form to steadily improve the bearing capacity, that is, to achieve the construction of the project using the mark, but also to avoid unreasonable content, for the next construction project construction task to lay a solid foundation.

With the continuous development and progress of the construction industry, many new energy-saving design concepts have been derived. The new construction concepts can help to improve the use performance of the project, such as adding some chemical admixtures to the concrete materials to meet the design standards, controlling the fluidity and solidification time of the materials within a reasonable range, and keeping in line with the design scheme.

Concrete placing technology and technical management in building construction

1, the preparation of concrete pouring program and analysis of the main points of concrete pouring technology in building construction

Concrete structure construction should be carried out under a scientific and reasonable system system, so the management plan for construction should be focused on improving, observing whether there are factors affecting the construction environment, and discussing solutions to common problems in the construction stage, which can play a role in pre-conditioning control of risk potential problems.

And to form a stable construction control program in the grassroots, to pre-condition the unreasonable phenomena encountered in the construction phase, to realize the regulatory control plan on site, and to create favorable conditions for the construction tasks to be carried out next.

Concrete structure construction stage should have clear technical control standards, combined with the actual situation of the project site to regulate control, so as to better avoid the hidden problems on site, for the construction task to carry out good pre-planning, so as to avoid the phenomenon of process confusion in the actual construction.

The control of technical control points is of great help to realize the comprehensive construction plan, and determine the scientific and reasonable pouring plan, so as to avoid the unreasonable phenomenon of construction tasks.

2, strengthen the technical management of concrete pouring construction site and guarantee the quality of concrete pouring

After the site management plan is determined, it is more important to ensure the degree of implementation in the grassroots, if the degree of implementation is not guaranteed, the next regulatory control carried out are also invalid. Concrete materials and materials are very important, if the relationship between the two is not well coordinated, it will certainly affect the stability of the final structure construction.

For the supervision of pouring quality, it is necessary to pour at a reasonable time and analyze whether there are hidden dangers in the subgrade and strengthen the regulation control. Before construction, a technical transfer is made to the site work to avoid confusion in the applied technology. Before pouring, the final confirmation of the material is made, and the fluidity and the uniformity of the pounding are targeted.

Quality inspection work is very important, related to the quality of construction, as well as the control of safety hazards that may occur on site.

Construction Preparation

Construction preparation for the impact of concrete construction is fundamental, before the concrete pouring construction personnel should pay attention to do a good job of written safety technical briefing, and in the briefing content to emphasize the need to pay attention to the problems in the process of concrete pouring construction. In the construction preparation of concrete pouring construction personnel should also pay attention to emphasize the column and beam, beam and shear wall concrete grade control, vibrating spacing, vibrating time and other more critical construction factors.

The construction machinery and equipment for concrete pouring should be prepared and a backup equipment should be prepared in order to prevent equipment failure during the concrete pouring process.

Check and test run the equipment used before pouring and pay attention to the timely repair work so that it can be removed in time after the failure occurs.

In the preparation of concrete pouring construction technology, the construction personnel should pay attention to the impact of weather changes on the concrete pouring construction and use plastic film to protect the concrete so as to better ensure the continuous and smooth concrete pouring, while effectively ensuring the quality of concrete pouring.

Concrete Mixing

Concrete mixing has an important influence on the use of concrete pouring construction technology. In the process of concrete mixing, the construction personnel should pay attention to the hopper in accordance with the corresponding ratio of stone, cement and sand in turn. In the process of concrete mixing and adding water, the construction workers can choose to add water first or add water while feeding.

At the same time, in the concrete mixing process, the construction personnel should be familiar with the quality and characteristics of various additives, so as to lay a good foundation for the reasonable choice of additives.

In addition, in the process of concrete mixing staff should ensure that the concrete is evenly mixed and consistent color, which means that staff need to reasonably control the mixing time, so as to maintain the compatibility and suitability of concrete and to establish a good premise for the next concrete placement work.

Concrete placement

Effective concrete placement is the most important part of the application of concrete placement construction technology. In the concrete pouring staff should focus on maintaining the uniformity of the concrete and effectively prevent the production and appearance of concrete cracks.

In addition, in the construction process of some construction projects, the construction personnel should take the concrete pouring method of layering according to the current situation of the project, and in the process of layering concrete, the staff should ensure that the layered thickness is in line with the relevant national regulations.

At the same time, in the process of layered concrete pouring when the interval time is greater than the initial setting time of concrete will cause cracks, thus prompting the concrete seepage resistance, shear resistance, structural strength will be significantly reduced and will seriously affect the overall quality of the construction project.

Therefore, in the process of concrete placement construction technology, the staff needs to carry out effective calculation of the interval time, so as to effectively reduce the appearance of cracks and promote the effective improvement of the weak link of the concrete structure, to ensure the integrity and uniformity of the concrete structure.

In addition, in the process of concrete pouring construction personnel should pay attention to maintain the continuity of the pouring, if the technical or environmental factors lead to the concrete pouring can not be continuous, the standstill time may exceed the initial setting time of concrete, the staff should be predetermined in the appropriate location to leave the construction joints, and the effective adoption of crack protection measures.

In the process of concrete pouring in construction projects, if there is heavy rain or heavy rain, the staff should focus on the concrete pouring to cover measures, rain protection measures and insulation measures, so as to promote the effective guarantee of the quality of concrete pouring in construction work.

Concrete compaction

Effective concrete pounding has a direct impact on the smooth progress of concrete pouring. In the process of concrete compaction, the staff should be based on the actual situation of the project and construction needs to choose the appropriate vibrator, for a larger area and the thickness of the deeper concrete, construction staff should choose the surface vibrator, and for a smaller area and the thickness of the concrete is not too deep, the construction staff should choose the vibrator.

In addition, in the construction of concrete construction process is more commonly used in the concrete compaction method is mainly manual pounding method and mechanical pounding method. Generally speaking, the manual pounding method is through the use of manpower to carry out the concrete pounding work and promote the concrete can be quickly compacted, molding.

Generally speaking, since manual pounding method will have a large manpower consumption, so only in the lack of construction machinery or concrete construction volume is not large cases will take manual pounding method. In addition, a large number of manual pounding practice has proved that increasing the number of manual pounding than increasing the manual pounding can achieve more good construction results.

In addition, in the process of mechanical pounding method, the staff should focus on a certain frequency and amplitude of vibration force effectively transferred to the concrete, so that the concrete forced vibration and the newly poured concrete in the vibration force will make its particles between the adhesion and frictional resistance effectively reduced, and increase the mobility of chaos.

In the process of mechanical pounding method, the staff should pay attention to the effective analysis of the role of gravity, and the cement paste for uniform distribution and filling, while promoting the reduction of pore space, so as to effectively enhance the compactness of concrete.

In addition, because the mechanical pounding method is better than the application of manual pounding method, so the construction staff in the concrete compaction process, should give priority to the mechanical pounding method.


With the continuous improvement of China’s national economic level and the continuous progress of construction engineering construction level, the application of concrete pouring construction technology has achieved good application effect in the construction process of building engineering.

Therefore, construction engineers should pay attention to the effective analysis and application of concrete casting construction technology in the construction process, so as to promote the continuous progress of the overall level of China’s building construction.