Make sure you are not holding the pencil at an angle, as this can result in an improper measurement. Don’t forget to measure the longest and widest parts of the outline with the help of your ruler. that you can use to compare U.S. or Canada size with Europe, Japan, or U.K.

Shoe sizes usually only last for about 5 months for children aged between 3 and 6 after which they would require the next size up. For children under 12 months, we recommend our infant shoe size guide. Measure your child’s feet regularly, depending on their age. It’s easy to do at home by tracing, using a printable guide, or purchasing a size gauge. Using footwear that’s too small could lead to issues such as foot deformities or ingrown toenails . After their fourth birthday, foot growth does slow down a bit, and they may not need a shoe change that often.

An effective AFO shoe should be made from durable, high quality materials. This is both to provide adequate support and to ensure that you only have to buy a new pair when the child grows out of the shoe and not before. Share the adventure of the outdoors with your little ones in Salomon’s selection of kid’s hiking shoes. Lightweight, protective, and comfortable over great distances and wild terrain, these kid’s shoes are ready to hit the trails.

Pu leather outdoor hiking casual kid’s mesh boots

For cooler weather, we love the Sprout double strap, which comes with a double hook-and-loop strap closure for quick and painless on and off. A structured sole gives them more support on varied terrain, and the soft leather uppers look adorable in any color. The Chandler CNX features KEEN’s most lightweight and flexible sole, which is perfect for kids who love to run around. Sometimes you just need a shoe that they can wear everywhere, because sometimes they only want to wear one shoe everywhere. We’ve designed a handful of our shoes to pull double-duty, and they shine whether they’re on the playground or trail, or in gym class.

They may be light and flexible but our kids barefoot shoes will survive any adventure of your children in a great condition. Best of all, they’re hand-washable (yes, really!) so your kid can wear them over and over again. These lightweight springtime slip-on shoes come in a bunch of rainbow colors your kid will love, and they’ve even got some super fashionable designs—including glitter and shiny tie-dye.

Measure your child’s feet at home with our step by step guide and then compare the measurements with the size charts given below to determine your child’s shoe size. If you are traveling internationally or living abroad, you can compare US size with EU, UK, or other sizing systems, easily and quickly. For a girl-specific option check out the Terradora shoe, which was designed (like the women’s version) to support a lower-volume girls’ foot. The waterproof breathable membrane will help keep weather out while allowing her feet to breathe on warm days, and the eye-catching colors are fun enough to jazz up any walk. The kids’ Targhee Waterproof shoe or boot offers a supportive, higher-traction sole and durable leather upper for all-terrain exploring confidence. Many of our shoes, including our Answer2 Kid’s Shoes and Keeping Pace Kid’s Shoes, are designed specifically to meet the needs of kids who wear AFO and KAFO braces.

If the shoe is not perfect, your child may feel uncomfortable, which may also cause foot injuries. You need to know the right size of their feet to compare with the chart to get the perfect match. The chart is not believed to be 100% accurate, and it is only accessible for knowledge purposes. It aims to help you select the shoes that close to suit your feet perfectly. For example, once children start walking, their growing feet are protected by shoes. After all, the feet of the kids are a mass of cartilage that grows ultimately, not before their late adolescence, and it is also essential to have the right shoes.